John & Will Kassebaum in the Lab

Stellarwind Bio Energy is committed to producing a high-quality, renewable, sustainable, and ecologically friendly secure domestic source of fuel oils from algae.

Stellarwind Bio Energy will produce a true biocrude oil in the form of a light, low-sulfur, high quality oil product. This extra-virgin "crude" oil product can be refined to produce gasoline, kerosene and diesel. Our algae oil is a premium product because of its low-nitrogen and low-sulfur characteristics, its stability, and the large percentage of gasoline produced after refining.

We are primarily focused on developing technology for a low-cost high-productivity algae growing system. In addition, Stellarwind is integrating technologies from partners for other aspects of the industrial process such as harvesting the algae, extracting and then refining the oil. 

History: After two years of research and development, in September of 2008 Stellarwind Bio Energy spun out of its parent company. In January 2009, we moved into our current headquarters on the northwest side of Indianapolis, IN.  The facility includes several large green houses, a wet lab, and an environmentally controlled culture chamber. Stellarwind is currently implementing and integrating all of the components of the industrial process and is actively pursuing partnerships for the next stages of our growth.